The DT Raleigh Walking Tour

One of the best ways to experience downtown Raleigh is to do it on foot. For anyone that is visiting or new to Raleigh's Downtown, the walking tour is a great way to see what there is to offer. The tour involves some Raleigh history and takes you through some of downtown's busiest streets. Keep an eye out for shops and restaurants along the way for a future visit.

The tour is self-guided and the two mile walk takes about an hour to get through. Make your way to the Raleigh Convention Center, where the walk begins, and have fun!

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Stop #2 - City Plaza

City Plaza's opening in the fall of 2009 marked the end of the Fayetteville Street revitalization that began with re-opening the street to vehicular traffic in 2006. This was the way it was originally planned, but for almost 30 years Fayetteville Street had been a pedestrian mall.

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Stop #7 - Nash Square

Another one of the open spaces from the William Christmas plan, Nash Square has not been lost to development like Caswell and Burke Squares have. The space is currently used for smaller events and memorials around the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters statue located in the center.

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Stop #9 - Old Water Tower

The city implemented the municipal water supply system with this tower, built in 1887, holding the supply that was drawn from Walnut Creek. While in operation, the building held a 100,000-gallon tank on the top of the tower you see today.

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